New Home Warranty Inspections

This type of inspection is for new homeowners and takes place prior to the expiration of their warranty. The purpose is to identify any problems or deficiencies of a warrantable nature, to be covered by the builder or subsequently the warranty provider (TARION). The inspections are best performed in the following time frames: Prior to the submission of your 30-day form and in the 11th month, prior to the submission of the 1 year form. Most builders will resolve any issues on a one-on-one basis; however it is important to submit the proper “Tarion” forms in case a dispute arises.

Benefits to the New Home Owner

A Final Say New Home Warranty Home Inspection

• Provides opportunity to identify failures or non-operational items before the warranty has expired.
• Determines the structural integrity of the home before warranty has expired
• Ensures that the major systems of the house have been installed correctly and are still operating properly.


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