Pre-Offer Review

The pre-offer review is completed for the buyer prior to the offer to purchase is made on the property being sold through multiple offers. The pre-offer review consists of an inspector visually examining some of the readily accessible systems and components of a home which include;

Roofing Exterior Property Drainage
Structure Electrical Heating/Cooling
Kitchen Bathrooms Attic

The limited review of the above components will take between 1 to 1.5 hours in a typical home, depending on the client’s requirements. The client is encouraged to take part in the inspection. Final Say recommends that you attend the inspection so we can reveal to you the condition of all systems and components of the building. A verbal report, covering large expenditure items, will be provided immediately after the inspection.

Benefits to Buyer

A Final Say Pre-Offer Review

• Allows the buyer to make an informed decision and avoid costly mistakes.
• Eliminates many of the “surprises” associated with buying a house.
• Offers impartial recommendations regarding repairs required on the home.
• Familiarizes the purchaser with the major elements of his future home.


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