Pre-Renovation and Progress Home Inspections

This type of inspection is for homeowners having renovations done on their home, and takes place prior to and during to the renovation process. The purpose is to identify any problems or deficiencies before the renovation begins; a review of the contract and progress inspections during the renovation process. The progress inspections are best performed in the following time frames, completion of tear out, framing completed/electrical and plumbing roughed in, insulation/vapour barrier completed, and renovation finished inspection.

Benefits to the Home Owner

A Final Say Pre-Renovation and Progress Home Inspection

• Provides an independent review of contract prior to signing.
• Ensure proper site preparation prior to start of build.
• Identifies any problems or deficiencies during the renovation.
• Maintains a high standard of workmanship throughout the build process.
• Ensures all conditions of the contract are fulfilled; city inspectors only ensure that code requirements are meet.
• Helps maximize the value on your real estate investment.




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