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Almost all new homes built in Ontario fall under the Tarion Warranty program; however, most new home owners do not receive the full benefits of the warranty.  Home buyers should realize that; no house is perfect, any work/repairs made to the house cut into the builder’s profit and that Tarion will only get involved if there instructions/rules are strictly followed and the problem has been documented.  Only an independent registered home inspector, trained in new construction inspection, working for the home owner will ensure that full benefits of the Tarion warranty are provided to the home owner.

After two years of working for new home owners I have observed the following:

Some owners do not fill out their 30 day warranty form.  Some of the reasons I heard are;

  • Builder said wasn’t necessary; just tell him/her about the problem?
  • Too busy, would fill out form when they found the time.
  • PDI (pre-delivery inspection) form already filled out.
  • Did not know that it was required.

What these homeowners do not realize is that if the 30 day form is not completed and submitted on time, that Tarion assumes that there are no problems with the home and the warranty is closed.  Items on the PDI form are only valid warranty items if they are document on the 30 day form.  The home owner will get another kick at the can at the one year mark.  This means that they have to live with the problem(s) for additional eleven months and if the problems are cosmetic, there is a greater chance that the warranty claims will be denied.

The 1 year warranty form is the home owner’s last chance to receive full benefits under the Tarion warranty. Again timing is critical; one day late and full coverage portion of the warranty is closed.  Warranty claims can be made after the one year mark; however there are severe limitations on items that are covered under the warranty after the first year.

The new home buyer deserves a house free from defects and only by using a registered home inspector trained in new construction inspection will he/she move closer to this goal.  The inspector’s special training in the Tarion Construction Performance Guidelines along with his experience in re-sale homes will ensure that the appropriate items are included on the forms.   A proper new construction inspection actual takes longer than a re-sale home inspection, as it is more detailed.  This early warranty period is when you want to find the issues so that repairs can be made by the builder and not become the financial responsibility of the home owner.

Unfortunately some issues will not be covered and the inspector will be able to identify these items so that the home owner can approach the builder and the builder may correct these items as a gesture of goodwill.  This is why the reputation of the builder is so important; the right builder can make the difference between a delighted new home owner and the person who vows never to buy a new home again.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Paul Christensen RHI, NCI



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  • Paul, Great job on the inspection-you covered it ALL! Thanks so much for your services – Pleasure meeting you as well! As first-time home buyers, we learned a great deal about the structure of our prospective home, and this certainly made us more confident throughout the purchasing process.

    The Carson's

  • On the advice of my real estate agent, I recently contacted Final Say Home Inspections to arrange for a pre-listing inspection of my century-old home. I was made aware of some major problems that would either have to be addressed prior to listing, or taken into account during the negotiations with prospective buyers. What was most helpful, however, was the way Paul explained how many building code infractions could be easily and inexpensively addressed. His pragmatic approach stressed the ways I could reduce the number of prospective issues that might be of concern to buyers; many of the solutions he detailed were within my ability as an average ‘do-it-yourself’ homeowner. I am now much more confident that my agent and I will be equipped to prepare an informed marketing strategy for this property and I have no doubt that I will be in a more advantageous bargaining position as a result. Highly recommended!

    Shane C.

  • Paul, Thank you so much. The report looks great and is very professional and easy to read. We enjoyed meeting you and will refer you to anyone who needs a home inspection in the future.

    Marty & Kelly

  • I recently purchased a new home and I had Paul do my home inspection. He certainly done a complete inspection of my home and I was grateful to have him as my inspector.

    The work was done in about three hours and to my surprise there were a several things to repair. I would certainly recommend him as a person that could look after your home.

    Cecile Pearson

  • Paul did an extremely thorough and accurate assessment of my new home. He took the time to explain the ins and outs of the inspection and completed his assessment in a timely manner while answering all questions I had regarding my home.

    I highly recommend Paul to anybody who plans to have their new or used home inspected.

    Thanks Paul!

    C Cole

  • Hi Paul,

    I just wanted to thank you again for the pre-purchase inspection you did for me this pass Tuesday.  I was very impressed by how thorough you were, as well as your knowledge, expertise, professionalism and overall pleasant personality.  Your services will definitely be on top of my recommendation list to family and friends.

    All the best

    M. Munroe, Ajax

  • Sep 22, 2014, Toronto

    After our offer was accepted, I was recommended by a friend to contact Paul Christensen a home inspector from Final Say Home Inspection. Although Paul was slightly outside of my area, without hesitation he made himself readily available to work with me on my new home in Scarborough. I felt Paul was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and very easy to work with. He took time to go over potential hazards that may or may not occur if certain issues weren’t addressed accordingly. He walked me through the house and helped me understand things I would not have known otherwise. Paul captures inconsistencies and deficiencies with photos and takes his time to explain in detail the areas that need to be fixed or re-visited. Afterwards incorporates all notes and pictures in a report. When asking him questions he was very honest with his responses. I highly recommend Paul Christensen of Final Say Home Inspection to inspect your home. You will feel confident about your decision and will be completely satisfied with Paul’s services. He is everything that a great home inspector should be – friendly, approachable, and most importantly clearly passionate about what he does.

    Clifford S.

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